Bert Duncan Trailer Sales Owners & New Location

Owners & New Location

August 2018 Bert Duncan Trailer Sales was purchased by Melissa & Justin Guenthner the business has moved into Vermilion, AB to offer customers a full service repair shop at 4605 47th Street.

The Guenthners: Melissa, Justin, Luke & Bryn

In June 2020 in the mist of COVID the we welcomed our newest miracle addition of Bryn to the family. Her arrival has complicated Melissa’s sales portion of the shop, running a home, a ranch and chasing a toddler and a teen she is usually two places at once.

We thank all our customers for their amazing support and understanding.

Melissa grew up in Vermilion riding horses and active in 4H. Justin moved here from Consort in 2007 and they now ranch north of Vermilion with their son Luke. Justin is a retired professional steer wrestler who’s transitioned into rancher and welder. With the 2004 Canadian Champion title on his resume’ and many other championships at rodeos across Canada Justin has made a lot of miles with a trailer behind him. Melissa traveled with Justin and competed in barrel racing, although she has been on a short hiatus since Luke came along.  While training and hauling their own horses, Justin and Melissa have experienced a lot of the problems that come with the many miles rodeo competitors make. The Guenthners’ might be new to having a repair shop but we aren’t new to crawling under trailers.

Their personal experiences on their own cow/calf operation and years rodeoing have made us appreciate quality. Not just a name brand but how does a trailer do over the test of time. Their brands are selected based on this, we personally have towed a 98 featherlite stock combo for years. Having had the shop for 4 years now its incredible to see how well some trailers have held up hauling hundreds of cows for years in less than ideal conditions.

Melissa & Justin personally went out and toured the Trail Tech factory and were impressed with the attention to detail and quality control. They are brand we can stand behind. Tri haul bale movers also got visited on the same trip and there’s no question Dave is putting out a product he is proud of and we are happy to sell.

The Guenthners also run a equine performance store as well as distributing other high end horse products. You can find them at